Thursday, 10 November 2016

The Revolution has started!

As the world awoke to a Trump presidency, I like many others felt shocked, sad and betrayed by my fellow people living in the US. In this mindset I found it hard to believe the spiritual leaders who in one voice were saying – “focus on light”, “send love”, “this is all part of a bigger plan.” But where do you start, with a person, who has lied, bullied and demeaned anyone who stood up to him. Who has stirred up fear and violence everywhere he went, and has made the people of a powerful nation sick with the toxic energy he has been spreading.

But love and light are much stronger than the darkness we have all just witnessed. As more commentators drew attention to the real need for change across the world, I began to see that these voters were mainly people like you and I, who were so desperate for change that they would vote for Trump. And while the US elections, Brexit, and to a degree the recent Australian elections have been hijacked by right wing conservatists with their own agenda, this was probably the only way to quickly create massive disturbance and enable us to bring in change. Maybe these events are part of a bigger plan?

We have now reached the tipping point, and regardless of how we got to this point, it’s how we move forward that is critical for our world. And this is where I believe hope springs, because: 
      a)  no matter how much the Nigel Farages, Donald Trumps, Pauline Hansons or Marine Le Pens of the world, may try to scare us into their small dark insular world, it is not the reality.  We live in a large, light filled, global world, which cannot be dismantled,
b)  the call to action coming from activists, journalists, celebrities, public figures, leaders of communities, and ordinary people,  are all standing up and saying that ‘we need to stand our ground and not be bullied’. We cannot continue creating a world of ‘haves and have nots’, and neither can we push our society back to the 19th century where white men ruled over everything and everyone.  

Think about it, this call to action would not have been possible without a Trump presidency; we had become complacent, while a majority of us had been suffering without a voice. 

Arianna Huffington calls it a “wakeup call for the Establishment”, I agree, but it’s also a wakeup call for all of us. Now is the time for every single person on this planet to stop and take accountability for themselves and the impact they have on others. We don’t all have to be activists, but it is time to stop the mind numbing behaviours of obsessing on how many likes you get on social media, or having to buy every new gadget, clothes or how you look. If we all just stopped and thought about our behaviour and not accept bullying, racism, and sexism, i.e. “treat people the way you want to be treated (see my first blog), it would create immediate change. For those of us who are activists – stand up for your beliefs, find your tribe as there is strength in numbers, and call out the bad behaviour! 

We are all on the same side. The Farages and Trumps of the world use fear as their message. They divide and conquer. They would have you believe that anyone who doesn’t look like you is not to be trusted. It’s how they win, they peddle fear and scapegoat the minority, usually the immigrants.

But we are all so much smarter than this. We need to call out the Establishment - i.e. our politicians and the wealthy. This is not to begrudge people their wealth, by all means it is their right to make and enjoy their money, however when that money is made at the expense of  people’s ability to have a reasonable standard of living, and approximately 10% of the world’s population live below the poverty line – that is not right. When the tax system supports the rich to avoid paying tax and increases the tax of the average person – that is not right. When governments exchange policy favours for political donations which result in mining, pollution, over development, destruction of our forests and oceans – that is not right. When arrogant politicians around the world no longer hide their abuse of tax payer monies, then claim ignorance or forgetfulness when caught out – that is not right.

Humanity has a long history of fighting for what is right. The French Revolution, the Greek Revolution, the American Revolution, and social revolutions like the ‘Youth’,  ‘Feminist’, ‘Stop the Vietnam War’ are all examples. We are now at the start of the next revolution. This one is about equality and rejection of the entitlement mentally of the Establishment. We have the opportunity and potential to create a healthy world with good values that we can leave to the next generations. We need to teach our children that bullying, sexism, lying and fear are not right, and while it may gain them short term success it does not create a sustainable future.

Trump has the opportunity to prove us all wrong and do the right thing by the American people and be a positive influencer in the world, or, he can prove us all correct and give cause to the revolution. Either way we win.    

So perhaps the spiritual leaders are right, and this is all part of a bigger plan that will lead all of us to a better world. How painful that journey will be, we don’t know, but we do know that we each have a critical role to play and that love and light are our tools.     

Love and light